One very well known compound exercise.

How beneficial is this exercise?

If you are looking to build muscle mass the answer is yes. It is beneficial. When you squat you use big muscles such as your flutes and your quads. You become strong as an ox.

You will also strengthen ligaments and tendons in your joints and increase your joint stability.

In the world of fitness at the moment there is a big argument going on about whether squats are beneficial or not.

If you look at sport science many experts are of the belief that athletes need to do squats to improve performance. When we look at studies however, there is no conclusive proof that this is the case.

Now there are other experts with opposing views. Squatting does not replicate a human movement therefore it is not going to improve your athletic performance is the claim.

We don’t move like Kangaroos or frogs, therefore what is the point in squatting?

I can see a benefit for an athlete that needs to build muscle mass but what if our athlete has got massive legs already?

Surely, for athletes mobility must be the priority.

How about for the average person?

There are benefits. If you add muscle mass you are going to be able to burn more calories. I would include squats in a fitness programme but I would use it as a complement rather than a base. Mobility is more important than anything in my opinion.

Perhaps a body builder would argue about this.

If all you want is to have massive legs and you don’t care about being able to move then you have got a point.

The last point I want to make about squatting is about getting strong.

How strong does the average person need to get?

How often in your everyday life do you need to lift up twice your body weight on your back.

If your answer is “not very often”, then you probably don’t need to squat twice your body weight in your training session.

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By:Abdi-Karim Berleen/Personal Trainer in Loughton