I don’t feel hungry after my meals.

This has happened many times. When I take on some clients and make them eat real food rather than processed, high grain and low fat.

well one thing you are going to notice is that you will feel fuller.

You replace a sandwich and eat broccoli, avocado, sweet potato and some lean protein. One thing you are going to notice is that you will feel much more satisfied which leads to the next benefit.

Better energy levels.

You now feel satisfied after meals and you don’t get that energy dip 2 hours after lunch. You know the one  you get and you start craving something sweet.

Better sleep.

Will you sleep better when you eat better and do exercise?


If your energy levels are better perhaps you cut down on caffeine and sweets especially in the afternoons.

Better endurance.

You will last longer which will make you more productive.

Better workouts.

Lift heavier, run faster, punch harder if you do boxing. It is always nice to make progress in whatever field you are in. Even if you are not a competitive person when you improve on something it will make you feel good.

My clothes fit better.

I heard this from a client 2 days ago. He told me his trousers feel looser now around the waist and his shirts feel tighter around the chest and arms. Time for him to update his wardrobe and give away his Armani suits to charity?

I get compliments from people I don’t see very often.

One fact is that people who see you every day or every week are not  going to notice any changes. Then you meet that relative whom you haven’t seen for 3 months and they go “Wow look at you”.

Improved health.

How about this one?

You go for your yearly MOT at your doctor and they go “Some improvements from last time I saw you.”

Before and after picture.

I always tell my clients to take a before and after picture as a reference. This should be done as follows: one from the front and one from the side using the same camera and in the same spot. So if you take your before  picture in your bedroom don’t take your after picture in the bathroom.

How about this?

I was looking at my holiday pictures from last summer and between then and now I actually look so much leaner.


When you do decide to make changes to your activity levels and diet don’t get stuck in the habit of weighing yourself to monitor your progress.

Weighing yourself is of little benefit as body weight could be three different things. What you want to target is fat-loss but by weighing yourself you wouldn’t be able to tell whether you have lost body fat, lean tissue or water.

A lot of times your weight will actually go up when you start an exercise programme as your bones get denser and your muscle tissue grows.

I so much prefer to use a Bodymetrix scan with my clients. A Bodymetrix scan is a non-evasive body scan using ultra-sound technology.

This will give us a much better reference point. We will know exactly where you are when you start your programme and we will be able to set a target of where you want to be in 8 weeks and then we will be able to measure your progress.


Did I forget to mention that there are multiple other benefits as well as you go along?

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By:Abdi-Karim Berleen/Personal trainer in Loughton