So I use the hand held calorie counter with my clients to help them determine what quantities of food to eat with each meal.

The advantage of using the hand held calorie counter is that you get to eat exactly what you like to eat. The only exception would be fast food and processed foods. Those you want to limit or even eliminate.

The hand held calorie counter works with every food that is cooked from scratch.

Below I have provided a link from Precision Nutrition that explains more about how the hand held calorie counter works.

Have a look at the link.

The info in the article is very general which might be a good way to start. When I use the hand held calorie counter with my clients I try to be more specific.

We are all different body types and if you want to eat what is best for you, there is a specific metabolic profile that needs to be worked out.

I normally get a sense of my client’s metabolic profile after working with them. Anyway it is just an educated guess.There are more specific tests you can do to get a more accurate profile. Some of those tests would involve extracting some muscle tissue out of your legs. I have never had that done but from what I have heard it is extremely painful. So we will leave that out.

So the recommendations that I would give you is 100% safe if you are a healthy individual. Basically if my profiling is wrong the worst thing that can happen is that you won’t lose as much weight as you desired. The good thing is that we can very easily adjust your calorie counter to maybe eating a little bit more or less of carbs or fats.

Have a look at my video and read the article from Precision nutrition.

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By:Abdi-Karim Berleen/Personal Trainer in Loughton

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