Abdi Berleen


Meet Abdi

As far as I know I am the longest serving free-lance personal trainer in Loughton, ESSEX.


There could well be other personal trainers operating in gyms who have been around longer than me, but as a free-lance I believe that I have been around the longest.


My definition of a free-lance personal trainer is that you essentially run your own company and train clients in the outdoors, their houses or work places.


It also means that you are not attached to any gym, personal trainer studio or any umbrella organization. You are fully responsible for making sure that you have enough clients to keep you in business.


This is very hard. Most other personal trainers who have popped up in Loughton, over the years, doing what I do have pretty much disappeared within a year or two. Perhaps they have gone on to better things.


I love the challenge of being a free-lance personal trainer in Loughton. You are never fully secure. You have no guarantees of always getting paid at the end of the month…………..Unless you perform.


The bulk of my clients have been with me for very long. I don’t get many clients who train with me for a couple of weeks and then drop me.


I have clients who have been with me for 8 years and my longest standing client will reach 14 years in April 2017.


Most of my clients are very loyal, some even book their holidays when I am away so that they won’t miss out on their fitness.

As much as I love diversity, training people of different ages and backgrounds, in the last few years I have grown increasingly passionate about training older adults. I am in my fifties myself and I prefer to train clients about my own age all the way up.


Please feel free to get in touch, to discuss how I can help you.


My personal training prices include unique training programs designed individually for you, to get the most out of our sessions.

I shall also provide you with bang-on, strategical nutritional advice, as we go along, that will help you to get your body of your dreams. This includes looking at your food diary on a regular basis and helping you to improve your diet to get improved energy levels.

  • Transformation package. (Contact me for details).
  • Small group training available and shorter sessions half hour, 45 mins. Call me for more info.
  • Body fat scan with Bodymetrix ultrasound scanner inc. one hour nutrition advice charged as one session.

Please note that if you need to cancel session you need to give me a 24 hour notice.

Sessions can be rescheduled if you are away, unwell, injured or for any other good reason.