Earlier this year this young lady came to see me for a Bodymetrix scan.Her name is Emma and she wanted to find out what her body fat % was, as an indication to how her nutrition and workouts were progressing. She had previously done skin fold measurements but was very concerned about the inconsistency.

As she put it herself, “You get a different result depending on who does the measurement”.

That is the exact reason she did more research and found me on Google. A bodymetrix scan  actually measures the thickness of your tissue by using Ultra sound technology.

I am not going to go too deep into how it works but I am going to mention that Ultrasound is actually related to echo.

So Emma is extremely serious about her training regime and diet. She actually works out 6 days a week and tries to eat healthy food all week except Sundays when she lets her hair down.

When we did our first scan back in April Emma’s body fat percentage was 15.8%.

15.8 % for a female is really low for those of you who don’t know. With females muscle definition starts to show properly at around 18%. A bit is depending on your body type and other factors such a genes, that’s when the six pack comes out.

A few months later, in August Emma came back again for a follow up scan. By then she had gone down to 15.1. I could tell that she was a bit disappointed. She had actually expected more.

I tried to explain to her how hard it is to lose body fat once you are in a healthy zone. It is as if your body tries extra hard to hold on to the fat no matter what you do in terms of workouts and nutrition. It is just an uphill struggle.

Emma went back to the drawing board and she must have done something right between August and December because her follow up scan showed that she had now dropped down to 12.8%.

 When she came in, in December I actually knew that we were going to have good news. My trained eye spotted major differences in her body tone. Her triceps were actually protroding at a relaxed state and her hips were much leaner than they were back in August.

I was thinking something like 14%.

Emma smashed it 12.8%. All credit to her.

When I asked her what she had done differently she said she had improved on her recovery as she now has a less strenuous job.

Emma will soon enter my profession, she is nearly qualified as a PT and she is also going into competition. Bikini competition.

So all the best to her!

I am just glad that she is not in my area. I can really do with one less competitor. Not in bikini competition, I meant as a PT.

I am sure she will do well in her Bikini competition and I am looking forward to giving her accurate Bodymetrix scans as we go along.

By:Abdi-Karim Berleen/Personal trainer in Loughton