Nordic Walking Loughton was formed in June 2012. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to make myself accessible to more people some whom may not be able to afford to hire me one-to-one.

The other reason was to make use of the beautiful Epping Forest which we have been blessed with in Loughton.


I am a firm believer that nature cures everything. A lot of times when we meet up, some members of Nordic walking Loughton complain that they feel stressed and that they have had bad days.


Believe me! Once we go into the forest with our poles they all seem to unwind and soon they will have a relaxed look on their faces.

Believe me, this is the beauty of Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is a very sociable way of getting fit. As you go along you should be able to hold a conversation at most times. There will be hills where you might feel a bit out of breath but that is how you will improve your fitness.

Nordic walking is a cardiovascular workout. It will give your heart and lungs a good workout. A bonus would be the fact that it is an outdoor activity and that has got many additional health benefits. In fact there are opinions that Nordic walking is equivalent to jogging, yet the perceived effort is much less than when you actually jog. That is attributed to he fact that you are using your whole body when you do Nordic walking. Studies have shown that 90% of your skeletal muscles are engaged during Nordic Walking.

The walks last for 60 minutes and Nordic walking as opposed to power walking or normal walking is a whole body exercise. You use the poles to propel yourself forward and if your technique is good, your perceived effort is less than it would be in normal walking.

Be aware that Nordic walking is an outdoor activity and that we will have bad weather days
as well as good ones.

So who would benefit from Nordic walking?

1)   You want to get fit without putting excessive strain on your body

2)   You want a sociable way of getting fit

3)   You are already fit but you are looking for an activity that you can do as  active rest/recovery

4)   You want to burn 30-50% more calories than in a normal walk at the same pace.

5)   You like the outdoors and the beautiful scenery of Epping Forest

6)   You have a stressful job and you need to unwind and on top of that get fit


Nordic Walking Loughton do not often cancel. The only reason would be very strong winds. Chances are that we would not go into the forest then but rather we will do our walk on the road. We don’t want anyone to be hit by a falling tree.


I forgot to mention, all members of Nordic Walking Loughton tell me that they sleep much better since they have taken up Nordic Walking and that they feel energised after each session.


Does this sound Interesting?


Feel free to give me a call and I will let you know what days we meet.

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