I began personal training sessions with Abde in October 2010 and have been training with him for the best part of twice a week ever since!
He has tremendous knowledge of, not only boxing, but fitness in general….
He also has an array of different exercises and different uses for all types of obscure training equipment which makes the sessions more interesting and has certainly helped me develop my understanding of what exercises work for what part of the body!!

Above all this…
He is a fantastic motivator, who seems to know exactly what to say in the right time (especially on them days when you really don’t feel like training)
I personally have never got along with a trainer that shouts and screams orders at his students…
You don’t get this from Abde, he has a very motivational, yet softly spoken approach!!

For me, money well spent and even quite enjoyable at times (as much fun as exercise can possibly be!!)

Always in your corner Ab!!!

Scott frankland

Ab got me into boxing training and after a couple of years he actually was in my corner as I had my first white collar fight.
His enthusiasm for new training methods stops it getting boring and you get to punch him, which is great!


After many years of exercising completing lots of different classes at the gym and previously having some personal training, I have really enjoyed my training with Abdi and have felt the benefits.

I have exceeded anything I have previously experienced.

I have increased in confidence, lost weight, become more toned and feel stronger and fitter than before.

Abdi’s methods are varied and changed frequently, after a training session I leave feeling invigorated, clear-headed and energised.
Although the training is a commitment for me it is well worth the money and time spent on it and adds great value to my life.

Alison Smyth

For years I have paid for gym membership, but after the initial enthusiasm, I have hardly used it.

Now I am out traing every week with Abdi, and I love it! I’m loosing weight and feeling fitter.

Great stuff Abdi

Alan Lawrie

“Abdi’s varied exercise regimes make getting fit a pleasure rather than a chore. The fact you can train outdoors is so much more invigorating than being stuck in a sweaty gym. Abdi is patient and encouraging, and the whole experience is refreshing and fun.”

Lynne Rosen

“I have struggled for years to get into the habit of exercising on a regular basis (I even have gym membership that I rarely use). That was before I met Abdi. I have been training with him every week for over a year now and I really enjoy it. Abdi is wise, friendly, knowledgeable, determined and a great motivator.

When we first started he introduced me to the Rip-Trainer which I absolutely love. We then moved on to the TRX which I found hard initially but then grew into over time. I told Abdi early on that really don’t like running and instead of forcing me to do it he said there are many other forms of exercise that I would enjoy. He suggested Boxing, not something that I would ever have thought of, but I really enjoy it. Boxing is a fantastic work out and I look forward to it each week.

Training with Abdi is not just about the exercise but also the fitness knowledge he shares, the food/nutrition advice he gives, his stories and his encouraging approach. I also enjoy training outdoors and breathing in fresh morning air (even the occasional rain hasn’t put me off). I have benefitted in body, mind and spirit.  I highly recommend Abdi.”

Mitesh Sheth (age 34)

I recently got introduced to Ab by my son that trains with him

I am a 56 year old women that has always been in and out of gyms, trying diet tablets and starving myself etc!!!

As I am getting older I find it very hard to motivate myself, I have never really enjoyed exercising, and have recently had a lot of problems with my knees

I had a meeting with Ab, and discussed what I wanted to achieve, after speaking he decided we tried out a exercise called TRX Training, I have never heard of this before

I started the following week, with a warm up on the pads with some boxing, ( this is a very fun way to keep fit for you women out there) that hate running!!

Then followed by the TRX training, this was by far the most enjoyable time I have ever spent exercising, the whole time went so quick!!

I felt great after, and the next day, as it was so enjoyable I didn’t think that I actually done anything, after 2 days the muscle pains started, all over my body, so I then realised what a great workout this is, especially for us older generation trying to keep fit!!

I have now been training with Ab for a couple of months, the results are starting to show and i am feeling a lot fitter and healthier again, and my knees feel a whole lot better

Ab is a great guy, makes you feel comfortable, very encouraging and is very professional and knowledgeable

I look forward to working with him in the future, and we certainly not be joining a gym again in the future

Best wishes



I started training with Ab back in the summer of last year, I have always been into playing football as a youngster but lots of injuries forced me to give up

I since then have always joined gyms and health clubs, to which I never end up going to and never really achieving any results, I have always been a fan of Boxing and have trained with a few personal trainers before that used to do pad sessions for me

I had my first session with Ab back in June 2015 and told him my sports history and busy life I have running a business, and asked him if he could teach me how to Box in the correct way for technique and fitness, since then we have done 2 sessions per week

I must say its the best thing I have ever done, I have never felt as fit as I do now in my life (33 years old!!) I am fitter now than what I was when I played as a winger at football in my younger days!!

The boxing knowledge Ab has is great, I feel he has taught me so much in the few months I have been training with him, always very patient, gives me the best pad sessions I have ever had, the correct way of boxing, not just a personal trainer holding some pads in front of me to hit

If anyone is thinking of joining a gym for fitness and health, consider calling Ab first, and trust me you will not be disappointed, if you train a couple of days per week, and take on board what he tells you, you will certainly reach your fitness goals, and anyone is considering learning how to Box as a amateur or even Pro standard, you must call Ab to arrange a meeting

Ab as even given me better advice then my Doctors, and have seen results in my health since taking on board what he tells me, I will never join a gym again

Thanks again Ab, I really appreciate all what you have taught me, and most of all helping me reach my fitness goals and healthy lifestyle

Kindest regards


I have been training with Abdi on and off for a few years now but in the last 8 months I have made it a regular thing about 3 times a week this time last year my resting heart rate was 92 bpm today it is 76 bpm my blood pressure is a lot lower and I feel a lot lot healthier thanks Ab.



Coming up for 2 years now I think of regular weekly sessions and still having fun as well as being challenged. I like the flexibility of venues, changing the workouts at regular intervals and cant see any reason not to keep this as part of my weekly structure for a long time. If I had both time and money, I’d be working with Abdi 3 or 4 times a week!



So different from the usual PT. I now train with my partner, which we both enjoy. When I say enjoy, you just don’t realise what a transformation this is for my other half. Abdi knows his stuff and encourages you (without intimidating you). Flexible and “can do” approach is brilliant. Wish I could train more – would recommend twice a week to start seeing results.


I have been training with Abdi for about three months now and I already have so much more energy and now love exercising regularly! (Which I never used to). My favourite class is the TRX, it is fun and rewarding! Abdi always personalises each training session and makes it enjoyable.

Amy Reynolds