A few years back The Register of exercise professionals made the announcement that personal trainers would need a qualification to give nutritional advice. When you become a level 3 personal trainer you do take a really basic nutrition course. From memory when I qualified at the YMCA, I think I spent about a week in a classroom studying nutrition including the written assessment.

So now it was decided that this basic course was not enough. You needed a proper qualification.

Now there are so many education providers. Actually there is even one accredited on-line course for sale on Groupon where you print out your certificate.

I have always been serious about learning. For me there was this one education provider that stood out, Precision nutrition. For years I had been getting their emails, reading all their blogposts and attending lectures by their founder Dr John Berardi.

What I liked about Precision Nutrition is their modest approach to getting people to eat right. All their advice is habit based and all really straight forward.

The good thing is, it works.

Before I qualified with P.N. I used to take a food journal from my clients and then come back with a list of things to change.

Looking back, I think my clients really got overwhelmed. Too much change in one go.

P.N. do things differently their advice is really basic and you only ever give on piece of advice at a time.

So after I qualified  with PN. I felt that I became a much better coach and I was starting to get some results.

One example would be to eat slowly. If you can get a client to get into that habit, of spending 15-20 minutes on each meal that is so powerful.

Moving forward.

I have now decided to take my nutrition coaching online, the reason being; when you coach a client you see twice a week you only ever get to discuss your clients progress when you see them, sometimes in between sets of exercise.

You spend 2 hours every week with them the rest of the time they are on their own.

Now with Pro-coach you can easily be in touch with your clients everyday so you will know exactly where they are in their nutrition journey by clicking a few buttons on your computer.

If you have received any nutritional coaching from me in the past few years you might actually recognise many of the principles such as eating slowly and measuring your vegetables with your fist. It’s all good but Pro-coach will now give us many more dimensions. You will be in safe hands.

How does Pro-coach work?

Pro-coach is habit based nutrition coaching online. So you client will receive an email with today’s lesson every day and the outcome of doing those lessons is to improve some habits which will lead to a healthier life.

So Pro-coach is not a diet and it is not a set of rules. It is just about becoming a better version of yourself. Some basic things that you can improve on that will give you results.

Best thing of all once you have gotten into those habits they are yours to keep for the rest of your life.

Pro-coach takes 12 months to complete and you will have to dedicate some time to the lessons on most days and your coach who will be me, will be following you closely to make sure that we get the desired results that we are after.

In fact there is nothing like Pro-coach on the market today.

it is completely unique.

I am very excited about Pro-coach and I am looking forward to helping many people to a health lifestyle.

You are in safe hands with Pro-coach.

By: Abd-Karim Berleen/Personal trainer in Loughton