Welcome to Always In Your Corner the home of personal training  Loughton.

If you gave me 2 hours of your precious time every week and started personal training with me I could all but guarantee you the following…

  • Higher energy levels
  • Higher productivity at your work
  • A leaner body
  • Better Sleep
  • Look and feel younger
  • Restore youthful movement
  • Improved stress management
  • Better overall Health
  • Better Performance
  • Better Self Esteem
  • Less pain in your body
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Improved posture
  • Better immunity

Welcome to my world!

I live in a country called fitness land.

I have adopted the culture of fitness land and I speak the language. The citizens of Fitness land eat purple kale,drink clean water and make sure we get enough sleep.

Our meals in Fitness land are called nutrients.

Should you decide to start personal training with me I am not going to make you live in fitness land, I am rather going to invite you for a short visit every time you do personal training with me.

Then, after our session, you will go back to your comfortable life in your own country.

When you go back, you will eat food not nutrients like we do in Fitness land. The food of your preference as long as it is prepared by you not out of a packet.

After all, what you want is to look good and feel good but you don’t want to relocate to a different country and you don’t want to change your whole life around.

All you will do is to visit fitness land a couple of times every week and after each visit you will be just a little bit better than you were before each visit.

So you have come to me because you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your health?

Perhaps you are unhappy with some of your body parts, energy levels or your lifestyle in general?

Whatever the case may be, I am not going to take you out of your world.

Remember that!

You will always be you and I am not going to try to make you into me and I am definitely not trying to turn you into a caveman.

I will be your personal trainer and my role will be to help you to manage certain aspects of your life

You will manage everything else.

Yes, I am not only going to be your tour guide when you visit fitness land but I am also going to be your translator, so that you can understand the language.

Fitness is as you will soon find out, is really about two things. Workouts and nutrition.

One doesn’t go without the other.

I will ask you some questions about your life and I will collect a food diary from you so that I can better understand how you live your life. Chances are that we are going to do a body-scan with my Body-metrix.

That will give us an idea what you look like under your skin.

Yes that is right!

The Body-metrix uses ultra-sound so we will soon know what you are made of. We will know how much water, fat and muscle you have under your skin.

This will be our reference point when you start personal training with me and we can then set a time frame and decide what we actually want to achieve.

When I come up with suggestions, on how we can make you just that little bit better, we will make sure that whatever we come up with, is something that you can fit into your lifestyle.

We will design workouts for you that will take you exactly where you want to go.

If you ever thought that my only job is to put you through strenuous workouts to make you stronger, faster or to boost your metabolism then nothing could be further from the truth.

I am not a drill sergeant and I am not going to shout at you(I may do actually if I get very excited one day).

See you soon in fitness land.

Please get in touch for a free consultation on how I can take you on a journey to fitness and well-being.



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